What Advice Would You Give A Customer Looking To Hire A Provider In Your Area Of Work?

  • Make sure the company you choose to trust with your belongings are not only licensed and insured(Check our credentials online TXDMV# 006809295C at the TXDM Truck Stop Database but also come prepared to do the job. Our trucks arrive fully equipped with premium pads and equipment to handle any job. We do ask that any specialty items you may have please mention during your booking so that we can ensure we have the correct tools for the job on the truck that day.
  • Always ask what is provided in the price you are paying and what steps are taken to ensure the safety of your items? We have transparent pricing so there are no hidden fees and we make sure we pad, wrap and protect every item necessary.
  • In the event that something is damaged what policies are in place to ensure that they will resolve the matter? All Movers in the state of Texas are required by law to provide $0.60/lb. on every item transported. Additionally, we have company policies in place to minimize damages and ensure that when something does occur it can be quickly resolved. Company policy is to notify the client & office immediately, notate the contract & take any pictures needed for assessment, within 48 hours we will have a resolution plan in place. In the event the damaged item is not repairable, a replacement value is determined and a resolution to satisfy the customer is completed within 7 days.